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As an Undeclared student, you will be required to declare a major by the time you earn 75 units at UCR (AP & transfer credit earned before enrolling at UCR does not count toward this total). If you do not declare a major by this time, you will have a hold placed on your registration, which will not be cleared until you are accepted into a major.  In order to declare a major you will need to:

  • Review the Change of Major Criteria for the major you're interested in pursuing. You can find the Change of major criteria under each major's page.  The Change of major criteria includes a minimum G.P.A. requirement as well as specific classes you must have completed in order to be eligible for that major. 
  • If you meet the criteria to declare your intended major, you will need to set up an appointment with the Academic Advisor of the major you are interested in pursuing - each major advisor is listed under each major page. Please be aware that advisors are available to discuss Major Changes during the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 10th week of each quarter.

Overall, you should work closely with your assigned Undeclared advisor to confirm that you are on track to meet the criteria to declare your intended major and within the time limit allowed.

Undeclared Advising

Undeclared Advising Resources 

Please review the tabs below for important resources and information for Undeclared students.

Exploring CNAS Majors

Please review the presentation below to learn more about the different CNAS majors available to you as well as an overview of important information to know as an undeclared CNAS student.

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Non-CNAS Majors

For more information about majors outside of CNAS, please visit our Transition Advising page.

Transition Advising

Undeclared Academic Advisors

Professional Advising at CNAS provides individual guidance towards achieving realistic academic goals and making decisions regarding your academic career at UCR.  Professional Academic Advisors can assist you with declaring or changing your major or minor, course repeats, taking courses outside of UCR, taking a leave from UCR, questions about withdrawing or readmitting to UCR.

Katie Smith
Undeclared Advisor
Advising Caseload: A - G
Phone: 951-827-3100
Availability: myadvising.ucr.edu
Kia Herron
Undeclared Advisor
Advising Caseload: H - M
Phone: 951-827-4186
Availability: myadvising.ucr.edu
Alt Scotty
Denise Leon
Undeclared Advisor
Advising Caseload: N - S
Phone: 951-827-0104
Availability: MyAdvising.ucr.edu
Mario Trejo
Undeclared Advisor
Advising Caseload: T - Z
Phone: 951-827-1762
Availability: myadvising.ucr.edu
Liliana Aguila
Liliana Aguila-Barajas
Undeclared Advisor
Phone: 951-827-4860
Availability: MyAdvising.ucr.edu

Undeclared Lead Faculty Advisor

A Lead Faculty Advisor is assigned for each major.  Faculty advisors are available to assist students with guidance regarding graduate or professional school, opportunities to participate in research, independent study, or internships.  Faculty advisors also may provide students with advice and mentoring regarding career goals.

Dean Nugent
Dr. Connie Nugent
Divisional Dean of Student Academic Affairs
Lead Faculty Advisor for Undeclared Students
(951) 827-7294
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