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Entm bug

The Department of Entomology offers undergraduate programs leading to either the B.S. or the B.A. degree. The B.S. degree offers students with a strong interest in the natural sciences an opportunity to emphasize this aspect of their education. The B.A. degree is available to students who wish to obtain a broader background in the humanities and social sciences than is required of students in the B.S. program. 

Information on the programs and course requirements is available at CNAS Academic Advising Center, 1223 Pierce Hall. Counseling, course recommendations, and information on education and career goals are provided by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisors.

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Entomology Advising

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Entomology Academic Advisors

CNAS Professional Academic Advisors provide students with individual guidance throughout their academic careers at UCR and help them achieve realistic academic goals.  Professional Academic Advisors can assist you with declaring or changing your major or minor, course repeats, the process for taking courses outside of UCR, taking a leave from UCR, and questions about withdrawing or readmitting to UCR.

Kia Herron
Entomology Advisor
Advising Caseload: A - Z
Phone: 951-827-4186

Entomology Lead Faculty Advisor

A Lead Faculty Advisor is assigned for each major.  Faculty advisors are available to assist students with guidance regarding graduate or professional school, opportunities to participate in research, independent study, or internships.  Faculty advisors also may provide students with advice and mentoring regarding career goals.

Dr. John Heraty
Entomology Lead Faculty Advisor
Phone: 951-827-6351
Dr. Dong-Hwan Choe
Entomology Lead Faculty Advisor
Phone: 951-827-5717