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Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Microorganisms play key roles in ecosystems and human civilization. They can both cause and prevent a wide array of diseases in humans, animals, and plants. Microbes contribute to many environmental processes, from soil formation to detoxifying polluted environments. In industry, they are key components in the manufacturing of foods such as bread and cheese, and they contain a wealth of useful compounds and enzymes for biotechnology and medicine.

The Microbiology major is administered by the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology. Both B.S. and B.A. degrees are offered. The major allows students to meet requirements for a large variety of post-graduate professional programs.  Students earning a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology will be prepared for a number of career options. They may continue studies in Microbiology at the graduate level, or enter professional schools in medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, physician’s assistant, nursing, medical laboratory science, and veterinary medicine, among other health professions. They will also be prepared for technical careers in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, pharmacology, forensics, patent law, and environmental fields. Finally, they will be equipped to pursue a teaching certificate in science.

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Microbiology Advising

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Microbiology Academic Advisors

CNAS Professional Academic Advisors provide students with individual guidance throughout their academic careers at UCR and help them achieve realistic academic goals.  Professional Academic Advisors can assist you with declaring or changing your major or minor, course repeats, the process for taking courses outside of UCR, taking a leave from UCR, and questions about withdrawing or readmitting to UCR

Maira Mercado
Microbiology Advisor
Advising Caseload: A - Z
Phone: 951-827-1761

Microbiology Lead Faculty Advisor

A Lead Faculty Advisor is assigned for each major.  Faculty advisors are available to assist students with guidance regarding graduate or professional school, opportunities to participate in research, independent study, or internships.  Faculty advisors also may provide students with advice and mentoring regarding career goals.

Dr. Katherine Borkovich
Microbiology Lead Faculty Advisor
Phone: 951-827-2753