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CNAS offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in Biology. Both programs are based on the conviction that broad undergraduate training in biology and the physical sciences, together with study in the humanities and social sciences, are fundamental to the education of a biologist. The degrees differ only in that 16 units of a foreign language are required for the B.A., whereas the B.S. requires 16 additional units in substantive courses in biology or in related fields. 

The research and teaching of the department includes the different levels of biological organization: cellular, developmental, physiological, organismal, ecological, and populational.  An overview of processes at all these levels is presented in the introductory courses (BIOL 005A, BIOL05LA, BIOL 005B, and BIOL 005C), and emphasis is placed on the unifying principles of the discipline.

Because of the diversity within biology and the wide range of career options, considerable latitude is allowed in selecting upper-division biology courses for the 36 units required for the major.  Ordinarily, most of the 36 upper-division units required are selected from courses offered by the Department of Biology.  With advisor approval, some courses in other departments (e.g., Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Neuroscience) may be counted as biology courses in meeting upper-division unit requirements.

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Biology Advising

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Biology Academic Advisors

CNAS Professional Academic Advisors provide students with individual guidance throughout their academic careers at UCR and help them achieve realistic academic goals.  Professional Academic Advisors can assist you with declaring or changing your major or minor, course repeats, the process for taking courses outside of UCR, taking a leave from UCR, and questions about withdrawing or readmitting to UCR.

Nancy Advising Alternative Photo
Nancy Vasquez
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: A - B
Phone: 951-827-1759
Ari Advisor Photo
Arielle Shepherd
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: C - D
Please contact Temporary Advisor for C-D Caseload
Phone: 951-827-6396
Scotty Photo
Paul Perez
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: E - J
Phone: 951-827-0116
Scotty Photo
Keegan Warne
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: K - M
Phone: 951-827-2654
Scotty Photo
Mariana Jimenez Femat
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: N, P - R
Phone: 951-827-1767
Daniel Wu
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: S - T
Temporary Advisor for: D
Phone: 951-827-0782
Norma Alt Scotty
Norma Palacios
Biology Advisor
Advising Caseload: O, U - Z
Temporary Advisor for: C
Phone: 951-827-4857

Biology Lead Faculty Advisor

A Lead Faculty Advisor is assigned for each major.  Faculty advisors are available to assist students with guidance regarding graduate or professional school, opportunities to participate in research, independent study, or internships.  Faculty advisors also may provide students with advice and mentoring regarding career goals.

BIOL LFA Dr. Clark

Dr. Christopher J Clark 

Biology Lead Faculty Advisor


Phone: 951-827-3646
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