Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources.  Spring quarter and summer session instruction will be delivered remotely.

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Summer Classes

Summer Information & Resources 

Please review the tabs below for important resources and documents about taking classes in summer.

Summer Session Workshop Presentation

If you were not able to attend the Summer Session Workshop earlier this term, please click on the link below to review the presentation.

Summer Session Workshop (PDF)


UCR Summer Sessions

For more information about attending summer session at UCR please visit their homepage below.

Summer Financial Aid

Please visit the UCR Summer Sessions website for more information about financial aid for summer.

UCR Summer Financial Aid


Summer Enrollment Request Petition

Students planning to take courses outside of UCR must submit a Summer Enrollment Request Petition *along with proof of enrollment* for official approval and confirmation of articulation, specifically for math and science requirements.  Breadth courses can be more flexible and can be discussed and confirmed with your advisor by reviewing

Summer Enrollment Request Petition

Community College Classes in Summer

If you are planning to attend classes at community college, please follow the link below for information about course articulations.

*For math or science courses, please be sure to submit a Summer Enrollment Request Petition for official approval and confirmation of articulation.

How to Use (Video)

Summer Classes at Other UCs

If you are planning to take summer classes at another UC, please review the pre-approved courses below.  If the UC school or course you are looking for is not listed, then you must submit a syllabus (not the course catalog description) for the course you wish to take to your advisor for review.  

*For math or science courses, please be sure to submit a Summer Enrollment Request Petition for official approval and confirmation of articulation. 

UC Transfer Courses

How to Use Assist.Org


If you're interested in taking courses at a community college over the summer, you can visit to review course agreements between community colleges and UCR.  *For math or science courses, you must submit a Summer Enrollment Request Petition for official approval so be sure to discuss your summer plans with your advisor.


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Learn More About Your Options in Summer

Click on the links below to learn more about the various options for taking classes during the summer.  Be sure to always check with your advisor about your summer plans.