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How to Apply for Readmission

Readmission Criteria & Process

If your student status lapsed because you stopped attending UCR for more than 3 consecutive quarters or were disqualified from the university, you will need to file a Readmission Application before you will be allowed to resume your education at UCR.

In order to readmit, please follow the steps below:

  1. File a completed Readmission Application with the appropriate college office below:

    1. If you wish to major in the sciences or math upon resuming your education at UCR you can submit your readmision application at the CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center.

    2. If you wish to major in the humanities, arts or social sciences upon resuming your education at UCR you should submit your readmission application at the CHASS Student Academic Affairs Office.

    3. If you wish to major in engineering or computer science upon resuming your education at UCR you should submit your readmission application at the BCOE Student Academic Affairs Office.

  2. Along with your Readmission Application, make sure to submit unofficial transcripts from all other academic institutions, including University of California, Riverside Extension Center, where you completed coursework during your absence from UCR.

  3. Review your e-mail for additional information requests and return responses or requested documents as soon as possible.

  4. Await the decision of the Divisional Dean.  Students who stopped attending UCR or were disqualified from the university will need to meet the appropriate readmission criteria in order to gain eligibility to readmit. Students who wish to readmit to CNAS must meet the criteria below:

    1. Students must have a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA.  Please consult with your advisor about how you can raise your GPA to a 2.0 or higher to qualify for Readmission.

    2. Students with more than 75 earned units must readmit to a declared major

    3. Students who wish to readmit to a new major, one they were not declared in at the time of their lapse, must meet the appropriate Change of Major criteria.

    4. Students who have more than 75 earned units, including any units earned at other institutions of higher learning, are no longer eligible to readmit as "Undeclared" but must be readmitted to a declared major.

    5. Students who wish to readmit into UCR after being disqualified from the University may also be required to meet in person with the appropriate Divisional Dean.

  5. If your Readmission Application is approved, you will then need to pick up your approved form from the appropriate Divisional Dean's office and submit it to the Highlander One Stop Shop in the Student Services Building.  You will also need to submit a nonrefundable reapplication fee of $70.00 along with your approved Readmission Application.  Once the Registrar's Office has processed your form they will generate an electronic enrollment package for you and send it to you via e-mail.

Deadlines for Readmission Applications

Please remember that the courses you took and grades you earned will be reviewed for readmission consideration. If your final transcripts will not be ready before the Readmission Application deadline, please make sure to submit your Readmission Application by the deadline below and submit your transcripts as soon as they are complete.

  • For Fall quarter readmission: First Day of Summer Instruction 

  • For Winter quarter readmission: First Day of Fall Instruction

  • For Spring quarter readmission: First Day of Winter Instruction

How to Enroll at UCR Extension

UCR Extension Enrollment Procedures

Students who need to take class/es through UCR Extension to meet the change of major criteria and/or readmission criteria for their intended CNAS major need to do the following:

  1. Review your Degree Audit on R'Web to determine your remaining classes

  2. Make an appointment with the academic advisor for the major to which you are planning to readmit for help with any questions you may have. Talk to the academic advisor about the option of enrolling in class/es through the UCR Extension Center

  3. Review and follow the steps outlined on the UCR Extension website about this process

  4. On the first day of instruction, you should start attending the UCR class/es that you would like to add for that quarter even though you won't be officially registered yet

  5. CNAS and the UCR Extension Center will review and confirm approval/denial via DocuSign of the classes you plan to take through the Extension Center

    • Students hoping to take courses through the UCR Extension Center may not be reviewed for approval and/or enrolled until week 3 of the quarter

  6. If approved, the UCR Extension Center will enroll you in the class/es 

    • Please note, Financial Aid is not offered to students attending UCR Extension for concurrent enrollment, but you can check with UCR Extension regarding any financial assistance programs, (typically private loans) for which Extension students may be eligible

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