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CNAS Transition Advising

The mission of the CNAS Transition Advising Program is to provide specialized high-touch academic advising and programming to UCR students who are transitioning out of CNAS due to lack of progress towards a CNAS degree, or realizing a potential for better major fit outside of their current college.  The Transition Advisor, along with Transition Peer Mentors and academic advisor liaisons from other UCR colleges, will guide, motivate, and provide academic resources to all CNAS transition students in an effort to encourage them to “Choose To Succeed.”

What is Transition Advising?

As a CNAS student, you may find yourself in a situation where a CNAS major no longer fits your academic plan, either by choice or due to academic challenges. Transition Advising is way to help you navigate the process of switching majors into CHASS. 

If you have decided that a science major is not for you, or if you are Undeclared and will not meet any CNAS Change of Major criteria by the time you reach 75 units, you may benefit from meeting with the Transition Advisor, who will assist you in creating a transition plan to move forward outside of CNAS.

What to Expect During Transition Meetings
  • Your initial transition meeting will be most effective as a scheduled appointment, rather than a drop-in session.  Drop-in sessions are only 15 minutes long, whereas appointments may last up to 45 minutes.  During your initial transition meeting, there is a lot to cover, so drop-in sessions are only recommended for follow-up meetings.  To schedule an appointment with a Transition Advisor, please see "Schedule a Transition Advising Meeting" section below.
  • During the initial meeting, the Transition Advisor will discuss with you the details of your current situation and help you develop a Transition Plan, which will include your options for continued academic success, an outline of appropriate next steps, major and career exploration, petition instructions (if applicable), etc.
  • If needed, the Transition Advisor may schedule a follow-up appointment for you. 
  • At the end of the meeting or shortly after, you might be given a Transition Plan to keep for your reference,depending on the complexity of your transition.
  • Once you make a successful transition into a new academic career, you will be prompted to complete a brief post-transition advising survey.

Additional Transition Advising Information

CNAS Transition Peer Mentors

Meet the CNAS Transition Peer Mentors who are available to assist students transitioning to a different college.  Click on the student's photo to read more about their experience transitioning to their current majors.

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