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The Department of Mathematics offers a B.A. and B.S. degree in programs that share a common, solid mathematical foundation but differ in their specializations in the pure and applied areas of mathematics. These programs can provide the basis for careers in mathematics itself or within the many scientific and business fields, which, in today’s technological society, depend on a basic knowledge of mathematical methods.

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The B.A. in Mathematics, following the liberal arts tradition, combines a broad coverage of the humanities and social sciences with a moderate amount of advanced mathematics in the major. It is selected most often either by students who intend to obtain a teaching credential with a specialty in mathematics or by students who wish to pursue graduate work in business or the social sciences.

The B.S. in Mathematics is more technical and contains a greater concentration of work in the major field. The Pure Mathematics program is directed toward students who may wish to pursue graduate work in pure mathematics.

The General Applied Math option is directed toward students who may wish to pursue graduate work in applied mathematics. The other Applied Mathematics programs, with options in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Physics, and Statistics, are designed to provide a rigorous training in mathematics together with a substantial background in the discipline of the option. The Computational Mathematics program is designed to prepare the student for professional work with computers and computer systems and for graduate work in computer science.

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Mathematics Advising

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Mathematics Academic Advisors

CNAS Professional Academic Advisors provide students with individual guidance throughout their academic careers at UCR and help them achieve realistic academic goals.  Professional Academic Advisors can assist you with declaring or changing your major or minor, course repeats, the process for taking courses outside of UCR, taking a leave from UCR, and questions about withdrawing or readmitting to UCR.

Kourtney Luke
Kourtney Luke
Mathematics Advisor
Advising Caseload: A - N
Phone: 951-827-1766
Berru, P
Pete Berru
Mathematics Advisor
Advising Caseload: O - Z
Phone: 951-827-2807

Mathematics Lead Faculty Advisor

A Lead Faculty Advisor is assigned for each major.  Faculty advisors are available to assist students with guidance regarding graduate or professional school, opportunities to participate in research, independent study, or internships.  Faculty advisors also may provide students with advice and mentoring regarding career goals.

Math LFA Costello

Dr. Kevin Costello
Mathematics Lead Faculty Advisor
Phone: 951-827-7392

Math LFA Yeakel

Dr. Sarah Yeakel
Mathematics Lead Faculty Advisor
Phone: 951-827-5003

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