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CNAS Practices Safety!

In order to ensure that you are ready to participate in undergraduate research, it is important for you to complete the mandatory, on-line UCR Laboratory Safety Class prior to starting to work in any UCR laboratory.  You can find the training on-line at the UCR Learning Center at http://ucrlearning.ucr.edu/.  You will need to use your UCR NetID (e-mail username) and your UCR password to access the training. 

Once you log into the UCR Learning Center, enter "Laboratory Safety Orientation" in the search box.  Once the course description comes up, click on "Register" which will bring up the training.  Once you complete the training you will be awarded a certificate of completion.  Please make sure to print out the certificate and make copies for professors with which you wish to work.

 Why participate in undergraduate research?

There are many reasons to choose to do undergraduate research. One of the main reasons is to get involved in and learn more about a subject matter that interests you most. When you are able to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a research project, it makes the material come alive.

Another reason to become involved in an undergraduate research project is for the chance to get to know and work closely with a faculty member and his/her research group. Professors can be intimidating at times, but by working with them, and contributing to their research, you begin to realize that they really are just like you (a regular person).

By choosing to work with a particular professor on a research project, you are also able to develop and improve your skills that will help prepare you for the work force. Most of these skills you will most likely not have obtained from a regular classroom environment.


Check out the The Undergraduate Research Portal available online to UCR faculty, staff, and students via campus login:  http://ugr.ucr.edu/portal/ 


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