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Students who are experiencing academic difficulties, especially those on STD (Subject to Disqualification), are often placed on Academic Contract. The student's advisor will draw up a contract in consultation with the student for the next academic quarter. Such contracts may be drawn up during the registration period or at the beginning of the quarter. These contracts specify exactly the courses that must be taken and the minimum grade performance that is expected. Failure to complete the specified courses or to meet the minimum grade performance means that you have failed the contract. Other requirements may also be specified. There are three types of academic contracts: Departmental Contracts, College Contracts, and College Final Contracts. These contracts are all designed to encourage your return to good standing and ultimately your graduation from the University. These contracts may be written for more than one quarter until your return to good standing.

Disqualification Review Request Form & Readmission

Students who have earned a quarter or cumulative GPA of less than 1.5 are placed on STD, (Subject to Disqualification) and are in danger of being disqualified from UCR. Usually a student must be on STD for two or more quarters before receiving a letter of disqualification via their UCR R'Mail account. However, a student who is not making adequate progress towards a CNAS degree may be disqualified even though not on STD status. Furthermore, current CNAS policy dictates that Academic Disqualification may occur when a student's Grade Point Balance falls below -10.0. Students with an even lower Balance of -20.0 or less will automatically receive a letter of disqualification from the Divisional Dean. For instructions on how to calculate your balance, please see the CNAS Guide to Academic Recovery publication. For those students with a slightly higher balance, other factors like repeat units available for grade replacement credit and total units completed may be considered in the disqualification decision. Failure to meet the terms of a College Final Contract will result in Academic disqualification, regardless of the student's Grade Point Balance. In the event of an Academic Disqualification, CNAS students have the right to a Disqualification review. To request a disqualification review, students must submit a completed CNAS Disqualification Review Request Form in person, with appropriate documentation at the CNAS UAAC during our open office hours. If the disqualification is not rescinded after review, students then have the right to meet with the Divisional Dean in person, by appointment only, to discuss the reasons for denial.

Academic Probation

Students will be placed on "Academic Probation" if, at the end of any quarter, their cumulative GPA  or GPA for the term is less than 2.00 but greater than 1.50. Students who were placed on Academic Probation in the previous quarter will remain on Academic Probation for one additional quarter if their cumulative GPA, computed on the total of all courses undertaken at the University, remains less than 2.00 ("C" average). This will be true even if the quarterly GPA is above 2.00. However, if the quarterly GPA is below 1.50 the student will be on "Subject To Disqualification" (STD).Students on probation may not register for more than 15 units in a quarter without consent of the Divisional Dean of CNAS Student Affairs. No student may enroll in less than 8 units (two classes).

ACE Program

The Academic Resource Center offers a program called ACE (Assistance, Counseling, & Encouragement) for students in academic difficulty. It is designed for students who are capable of better academic performance, but need the skills, the direction, and the motivation to reach their academic goals. ACE participants meet with an ACE counselor on a weekly basis for private sessions that include goal-setting, study skills training and tutoring. The ACE Program is staffed by both professional counselors and peer counselors who are proficient at sorting out the factors that can affect academic performance. Because of individualized attention, the majority of students who participate in the ACE Program are able to improve their motivation and earn satisfactory grades for the quarter. For more information on how to become a participant in the ACE Program please visit http://arc.ucr.edu/ace/ or contact Elena Perez ACE Assistant Coordinator, at (951) 827-5469 or via email: elena.perez@ucr.edu

Discontinuance in a Major

CNAS students who are not making adequate progress towards meeting the degree requirements of their declared major may be discontinued in that major. Each declared major in CNAS has specific criteria for discontinuance. Interested students may obtain these criteria from an advisor in their major department. If you have been discontinued in your major, then you will become Undeclared and must declare a new major.  Only students in Good Standing may declare a new major. Students on Academic Probation or Subject To Disqualification (STD) must become an Undeclared student. Declared major changes must meet major department criteria and be approved by the department.

Good Standing

To remain in "Good Standing" academically, a student must maintain a cumulative and quarter grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 ("C" average) in all work taken at the University and make progress toward the bachelor's degree at a satisfactory rate.

Guide to Academic Recovery

The Guide to Academic Recoverywas written to assist undergraduates in CNAS who are in academic difficulty. It is directed to CNAS students who are on "Academic Probation" or "Subject to Disqualification." It is not designed to replace consultation with an academic advisor or the advisors in the CNAS Office of Student Academic Affairs. It gives information about Academic Probation status, sources of advice and counsel, CNAS policies and procedures as applied to students in academic difficulty, and options for students who are disqualified from the University.

Whatever a student's circumstances, many that are in academic difficulty can and do overcome this difficulty. These students ultimately complete their degrees. However, in doing so these students apply discipline, hard work, careful planning, and good advice to the task. Help is available for them in the CNAS Student Academic Affairs Office, in the Academic Resource Center, and at the Counseling Center.

Subject to Disqualification

Students will be "Subject to Disqualification" if (a) their grade point average is less than 1.50 for any one quarter, or (b) after two quarters on Academic Probation or a single quarter on STD, their cumulative GPA, computed on all courses taken at the University, is less than 2.00 ("C" average). Students who are subject to disqualification may not register for more than 15 units in a quarter without consent of the Divisional Dean of CNAS Student Affairs. No student may enroll in less than 8 units (two classes).

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