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Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment Instructions for continuing UCR students.  Please click on the appropriate heading to access the drop-down information.

Course Plans

If you need help submitting a course plan, view Course Plan Instructionsfor step-by-step instructions. Remember, in order to register, you must submit a course plan every quarter.

Repeat a course

In most cases, you may enroll through GROWL if you need a second attempt at a course.

If you need to attempt a course for the third time, please see your academic advisor to file a petition. Please note that third attempts are rarely approved by the Associate Dean.

If you are trying to repeat BIOL 5A, 5LA, 5B, or 5C and/or MATH 8A, 8B or 9A, please see below accordingly.

Repeat BIOL 5A, 5LA, 5B, or 5C

Please fill out the following enrollment request form: https://ucrbsgsac.wufoo.com/forms/enrollment-request/

Once you submit the electronic request the form, you will be emailed if/when you can enroll. Students repeating one of the BIOL courses named above will be accommodated after first-time takers; enrollment as a repeater is not guaranteed.

Repeat MATH 8A, 8B, or 9A

Please fill out the following enrollment request form:

Once you submit the electronic request the form, you will be emailed if/when you can enroll. Students repeating one of the MATH courses named above will be accommodated after first-time takers; enrollment as a repeater is not guaranteed.

Prerequisite error for CNAS courses

Students who receive a prerequisite error while trying to add a CNAS course need to contact the appropriate Enrollment Manager (Enrollment Management Contact Information ).  Note that you can also access CNAS enrollment manager contact information from our Quick Links menu.


Step 1: To enroll in a CNAS research course, you must first obtain approval from a CNAS faculty member. A list of faculty with labs on campus can be viewed at http://cnasstudent.ucr.edu/research/oncampus.html.

Step 2: Once you obtain permission from a faculty member to work in their lab, together you will determine the following:

  • The course you will enroll in (i.e. BIOL 197)
  • The total number of units/hours to be assigned (1 unit = 3 hours of lab work per week)
  • The grading basis (letter grade vs. S/NC) as well as any assignments that need to be completed

Be sure to reference the catalog as you discuss these items with your faculty research mentor, as research options vary from one department to the next. For example, the most typical research course for sophomores, juniors, and seniors working with a biology faculty member is BIOL 197. This course is only graded S/NC and has a maximum value of 2 units per quarter.

Step 3: After these items are determined, your faculty research mentor should e-mail the enrollment manager for their department to confirm their approval. The e-mail should include the following:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Course you plan to enroll in (i.e. BIOL 197)
  • Number of units to be enrolled
  • Term you plan to take the course
  • Grading basis (S/NC or letter grade)

Note: This process must be completed prior to the end of the second week of instruction of the quarter in question. If you wish to add a research course after week 2 of the quarter, you will need to meet with your academic advisor to complete an enrollment adjustment form. Students wishing to enroll in a course after the third week of the quarter must also petition the associate dean for a late add.

Step 4: In order to ensure that you are ready to participate in undergraduate research, it is important for you to complete the mandatory, on-line UCR Laboratory Safety Class prior to starting to work in any UCR laboratory.  You can find the training on-line at the UCR Learning Center at http://ucrlearning.ucr.edu/.  You will need to use your UCR NetID (e-mail username) and your UCR password to access the training. 

Once you log into the UCR Learning Center, enter "Laboratory Safety Orientation" in the search box.  Once the course description comes up, click on "Register" which will bring up the training.  Once you complete the training you will be awarded a certificate of completion.  Please make sure to print out the certificate and make copies for professors with which you wish to work. 

CNAS Annual Schedules

Enrollment Instructions for students who need to take classes through UCR Extension to meet the change of major criteria and/or readmission criteria for their intended CNAS major.

UCR Extension Enrollment Procedures

  • Pick up the “Add Form” at the UCR Extension front counter before the beginning of the quarter
  • On the first day of instruction, begin attending the UCR classes that you would like to add for that quarter.
    • If assignments are on iLearn, please ask the instructor if they will add you as a guest. (Alternatively, for a small fee UCR Extension can add you to iLearn).
  • Continue attending each lecture and discussion throughout the quarter, making sure to complete and turn in all assignments.
  • After second week, ask the instructor (or Enrollment Manager) if they will sign your add form.
  • Once the form is signed by the instructor, you will need to bring it to the CNAS UAAC, 1223 Pierce Hall, for approval. It must be accompanied by the CNAS University Extension Concurrent Enrollment Request Form (tan in color).
    • If you have previously completed any classes through UCR Extension enrollment, your request will not be processed until you submit a current, complete, and unofficial transcript of your former UCR Extension work along with your requests for the current term.
    • Fill out the University Extension Concurrent Enrollment Request Form, completely, and submit it to the front desk.
    • Use the UCR General Catalog and your UCR degree check on GROWL to determine your remaining classes. Make an appointment with the appropriate CNAS Professional Academic Advisor for help with any questions you may have.
    • Return to pick up the form once you receive the email (typically 5 – 7 business days).  
    • If approved, you must take your add form to the UCR Extension Center office for processing (to be added into the class) and pay the fees. Please note, Financial Aid is not offered to students attending UCR Extension for concurrent enrollment, but you can check with UCR Extension regarding any financial assistance programs, (typically private loans) for which extension students may be eligible.
  • If you wish to readmit into the next quarter, please make sure to file a Readmit Form before the deadline to CNAS UAAC at 1223 Pierce Hall.
    • Fall – August 15th; Winter – November 15th; Spring – February 15th
    • Make sure to submit your Readmission Application Form by the deadline above even though your extension transcript will not yet be complete.
  • Once grades post for that quarter, if you meet the Change of Major criteria and/or the readmission criteria, submit an unofficial transcript to the CNAS UAAC at 1223 Pierce Hall, front desk.
  • Once the Readmit is reviewed, you will be emailed (typically 5 – 7 business days).
  • If your Readmission Application is approved, come to the CNAS UAAC at 1223 Pierce Hall to pick up your paperwork and get further instructions on how to complete your readmission process.

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